Shaheen Import & Export Co. Ltd.

Wholesalers And Distributors of Shaheen Olives/Olive Oil & Fine Quality Foods From All over the World.

Distribution Area

We serve the entire US, but deliver with our trucks/vans in a 300 mile radius of Virginia Beach, VA. Call us for shipping information and prices.
Office:(757) 995-5917
Warehouse:(757) 467-3363
Fax:(757) 467-3363

What Makes Us Different


With 25 years of honest, quality, good service; we have been known to cater to our customers in the best manner. Shaheen Extra Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are 100% natural and made from the best El-Koura Olives by my father Elias Shaheen since 1935. Our product cannot be compared to pure, blended or mis-labeled El-Koura Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The same steadfast attitude comes with every product we carry. You get the best quality merchandise, on time delivery, and great prices. How can you beat this? Buy from us with confidence!

Terms and Conditions

Please contact us for a list of our business Terms and Conditions.
Or if you have obtained a hardcopy of our Price List, the terms and conditions are listed behind the cover sheet. Prices are subject to change without notice.



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